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Plants are the essence of a garden. Its were the creative process gets really exiting. Plants are dynamic and in constant flux., There is a multitude of sizes colours, leaf shapes, flowering periods; not to mention the changes with the seasons. Plants can create forms and structural shapes in the garden as well as performing functions such as screening or creating a backdrop, or foil for the planting border in front of it.

Designing a planting scheme requires good plant knowledge and a feel for the plants themselves. Every plant has its own character. Its very noticeable from the different types of landscape around the country that its often the particular plants that grow there that define the character of the landscape its self.

Plants really define the mood of a garden. We can use big bold leaves and hot flower colours to create a tropical feel or birch trees and grasses to create a wild moorland like feel. Two gardens with exactly the same hard landscaping will seem like completely different gardens with a different style of planting applied.

People like plants and flowers. Its certainly a good feeling to indulge in a heavy sent on a summers day and they make us feel elevated. They can often remind us of certain places, people or events through thier appearance, flowers or scent.

Like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle, the choice of plants should complement each other using colour, form, texture and flowering or fruiting time. If a large deciduous shrub is chosen, an evergreen plant can be placed nearby to provide winter interest. If a spring flowering plant is chosen, a summer or autumn blooming plant could be planted to provide additional interest.

All year round colour is often used. A combination of strong leaf colours, shapes and textures and plants with strong structure and long flowering periods will provide year round interest. There are no right or wrongs with planting. Some contemporary gardens will have no flowers but only subtle shades of green and use the plants in a very structural sense. Other garden may be a riot of annual seasonal colour and look somewhat chaotic. But that’s the best thing about plants is there is something for everyone and they are generally how we interact with the nature and the environment.

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